Throughout the summer of last year we became involved in a local Channel 4 drama project that was to become the channels most viewed drama of all time. We were brought onto Kiri by DOP Matt Gray, who we had previously worked with earlier in the year on ITV’s Liar. We were instantly excited by the fact that the majority of the filming was to take place in and around our own city of Bristol. This was multiplied by the fact that, due to our 15m OSC, we would be filming in some very central Bristol locations that would never have been seen on TV before from the perspective of a drone.

Another exciting part of being involved in this drama was that we were to be used as part of the main unit, capturing main scenes with central actors, throughout the shooting schedule, rather than simply getting cut aways, establishers and vehicle tracking shots. We also got to work with a very large cast of extra’s on particular scenes including the reenactment scenes and the Police search for Kiri’s body up on the downs. This provided us a great challenge, shooting in very busy central locations amongst a large crew, working with locations, the local council and film council to make it all possible. It was also great getting to fly our full heavy lift set up in some of the areas we hang out in when we’re not working! Flying with the lovely Leica Summilux-C lenses was also a bonus.

Kiri had a fantastic cast and crew and working with director Euros Lyn and DOP Matt Gray was always a very rewarding experience. The perfect combination of knowing what they wanted in the shot but giving us the freedom to achieve that in the best way we knew how, utilising the drones freedom of movement.

Kiri was a constant feature throughout or summer shooting schedule and it will probably remain one of the favourite things we’ve worked on for a long time. It produced a fantastic series and one that we are very proud to have been a part of.